Bitpanda Platform review

Bitpanda Platform review

Bitpanda is an Austrian based crypto currency trading platform. However, Bitpanda is not your typical online trading platform. The company strives to be at the very forefront of Crypto trading innovation globally. Releasing new products such as the Bitpanda Global Exchange, Bitpanda ECO token system and the Pantos TAST project. For European based clients, Bitpanda should be the go-to trading platform.

Why is the Bitpanda the best crypto-trading platform available for newer users?

The simple and warm design of the Bitpanda trading Platform makes it extremely easy to get into. Most other platforms offer huge amounts of information to their users right away. Bitpanda, however, offers the same, if not more information, to its customers just in a simpler and cleaner way. You can find out all the information you need by simply entering the prices tab at the very top of your homepage. Structured information is always better than cluttered information. That’s why Bitpanda is growing so rapidly in 2019.

The platform’s lower than average Fees

The other successful ventures of the Bitpanda, have allowed it to maintain low fees for trading. The Bitpanda ECO token system IEO raised the company over 43.6m euros in capital. That’s why Bitpanda can be considered as one of the cheapest platforms available for crypto trading.

What else can you do on the platform?

Bitpanda services

Apart from trading in crypto-currencies. Bitpanda offers you the option to trade in precious metals, enable savings of crypto and the ability to purchase pre-paid vouchers in Austria to be deposited later on the platform. The platform is simple to use because it’s very consumer-centric. And the users recognize that effort.

Overall, Bitpanda is considered as the full-package when it comes to crypto-trading.

If you wish to read a full detailed review of the platform, check out cointifics Bitpanda Platform full review. It’s a long, worthwhile read. A review that can also serve you as a guide to the platform itself.
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