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What is VPS Hosting

Simply a VPS (Virtual Private Server) means running virtual machines on a single server. Here, we can get dedicated resources like in a dedicated server. Since there is no resources sharing like in shared hosting, you can get the full resources usage that your VPS allowed. Let’s say your VPS has 512 MB RAM and you can use this resource up to 512 MB which means that RAM is dedicated to your virtual private server. This is applicable for Disk space, bandwidth too. However, the CPU will be shared with the other virtual machines of the particular server.

This concept is a great solution for the people who don’t need a single dedicated server which costs lot of money. Still it works like a dedicated server and you can enjoy dedicated resources at a cheap price with this type of hosting.  However, this costs more than shared hosting because VPS provider needs to allocate resources for you.



  • Better performance and management options than shared hosting
  • Private name servers for your business
  • Can handle high traffic depending
  • Better SEO – Dedicated IP address, fast page speed etc.


Do You Really Need VPS Hosting ?

If your web sites/web applications don’t consume much resources or if your shared hosting can handle the current web site traffic, then there is no point to go for a Virtual Private Server and waste more money. However, If you are serious with your online business then you can go for VPS hosting which will be a better option.


Recommended VPS Hosts

There are lot of Virtual Private Server providers available in this market and I would like to introduce some well known companies that offers reliable VPS hosting.

  • HostGator – The most popular web hosting company in the Industry. Pricing starting from $19.95/mo
  • DigitalOcean – This is one of fastest growing cloud VPS hosting provider established in 2012. Pricing starts from $5/mo
  • InmotionHosting – The top rated VPS provider according to webhostinggeeks; web hosting reviews site. Pricing starting from $29.99/mo
  • 1&1 – Another well known company. Pricing starting from $29.99/mo
  • myhosting – Top rated Canadian VPS hosting company.  Pricing starting from $15.95/mo

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