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VPS Hosting Comparison

VPS hosting market is a huge market and hence it is not easy to exactly mention the VPS hosting provider that suits you best. Each web hosting provider has their own pros and cons. For an example, a VPS host who provides the best server up time, bandwidth might not offer an affordable price. On the other hand a Virtual Private Server provider that offers a cheap price might not provide the best RAM and disk space. Therefore a VPS hosting comparison would be a good idea to compare Virtual Private Server providers and select the most suitable host for your requirements.

The VPS hosting comparison shown below is ranked from top to bottom by taking account the overall reputation, features and price etc. All of these companies are popular in VPS hosting. This comparison might not be the best, however it will help you to choose a better company to host your web sites, web applications etc.

#VPS HostRAMDisk SpaceBandwidthPriceVisit
1Liquid Web1GB75GB5TB$50/moVisit

*All of these web hosting plans are based on 1GB RAM and please note that there might be VPS packages lower than this RAM. Furthermore almost all the above are Linux Virtual Private Server plans and no premium control panel such as cPanel is provided. But some of them offer cPanel as an add on for an extra monthly price.

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