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Hosting Solutions for Startups – A Fair Comparison between Shared, Dedicated and Cloud

Today, a company that is planning to set up a website has a number of web hosting options ranging from shared hosting to cloud hosting to dedicated server hosting to many other.wewedwsdwsdwer

With no dearth of hosting solutions for startups, the selection between them has become a challenging task.

There lie many differences between shared, dedicated server and cloud. Let’s see which one might fulfill all your website needs:


This is the cheapest, simple and most popular hosting method suitable for people looking for best web hosting for startups. It’s like living with friends in one apartment where you share the kitchen, watch one TV and use one internet connection. In shared hosting, it translates to you sharing your resources provided, with each other like CPU time, data, disk space and memory.


  • Shared hosting is very affordable and easy to begin with – decisive factors for most buyers.
  • You don’t have to take care of the technical maintenance on the server when running programs.
  • No requirement of Linux administration skills.
  • Mostly, shared web hosting providers cater their services with an easy-to-use, web-based control panel, so that you can easily upload your website, can create your email accounts and add a database.

With ZNetLive, you will get a plan for each and every hosting requirement – from a free domain name of your choice, an SSL certificate, a website builder – to powerful tools and security features like cPanel, Softaculous, Phishing alert software, and more, that too at no extra cost. You will also get enterprise DDoS protection on shared hosting server, 99.9% uptime and speed with File Transfer Protocol to transfer your files from your PC to a remote server.


The main issue with shared web hosting is that you don’t have control. You have to share your resources, that are limited too, with other users on a single physical machine. Thus, you may face performance issues with time on your services. Another disadvantage is the inability to install required scripts on the server to run your own website as you don’t own the server.


It is like having your own house where you get the full control, maximum customization, and flexibility of the server. As the resources are not shared by any other user, the price is comparatively higher. Thus, dedicated hosting is preferred by those who are ready to invest a lot in their startup and want the 100% control of the content and applications within the server.


  • Provides high performance (speed, connectivity and uptime) as you have full control and are not sharing the resources with anyone.
  • You get full root access to your server to install applications as per your startup needs and to make changes to your server’s configuration.
  • Provides more storage and data options.
  • You can easily manage the high volume of traffic without interrupting the services.
  • It is more secure and difficult to hack.
  • Ideal for enterprises handling large customer data. Examples: e-commerce or gaming sites.

With ZNetLive, you will get the cheap dedicated server plans that come with two free Office 365-business productivity suite plans, notable 2000 GB data storage, disaster recovery and much more with 24X7 ZNetLive’s NodeFirstTM support.


With dedicated server hosting, the main issue is its price, that is higher than the shared hosting. Secondly, there is an absolute requirement of a skilled workforce to handle the dedicated server or you have to pay extra to your vendor if any technical or equipment related problem arises.


Only when the rainy season arrives, you see the clouds in the sky. But with cloud hosting, your cloud will be with you always, no matter wherever you are and at whatever time you need to access it. This means that there will not be one specific machine acting as your server, you will be hosting your apps/site on multiple servers with load balancer sharing the load between them.


  • With cloud hosting, you get pay-as-you-go payment method. It means that you have to pay only for those resources that you use and occupy.
  • As load balancing is there, so when one server goes down or any disaster occurs, the load is redistributed to other servers and you get perfect continuity in your business.
  • You can choose from the available cloud deployment models – private, public and hybrid, as per your needs.
  • You can focus on growing your business efficiently as your cloud service provider (CSP) takes care from maintenance to upgradation of all the hardware and software.

With ZNetLive, you will get the reliable, flexible, scalable and secure cloud on latest technologies with dedicated support.


Security can be a concern with public cloud because data is accessible on a public network but that too is a no issue if you go with a reputed and reliable CSP. Also, sometimes you may face vendor lock-in, so it’s better to look for a CSP offering various cloud services, like ZNetLive.


If you are looking for hosting solutions for startups, first make a list of your requirements, then decide from the above three startup hosting solutions provided by a reasonable cloud hosting provider in India.

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