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Hostgator vs Bluehost

Hostgator and Bluehost are known as leading web hosting providers in the industry. Among the people who are searching for web hosting always has a conflict that which web host to choose; whether Hostgator or Bluehost. Therefore people are debating on topics such as pros and cons of both hosts.

In this review we will take some important facts in web hosting and will attach to these web hosts and compare to let you know whether Hostgator or Bluehost is the winner.



Both hosts offers a 99.9% uptime and very rarely see outages from both web hosting providers. Therefore  both hosts are good in their performance.

Winner : Tie.  Both hosts offers equally good performance



Both companies provide cPanel control panel and Bluehost’s revamped cPanel control panel interface seems better than the earlier classical one. However, still the Hostgator’s cPanel control panel is stays one step ahead and it is more understandable and clear.

Winner: Hostgator. Their cPanel is more clear and understandable


Customer Support

Both web hosts provides 24/7 customer support via ticket and chat. Hostgator customer support is seems to be the winner as their customer service will provide more relevant information and support to your isues. This indicates that Hostgator customer support agents have better technical knowledge. But in peak times Hostgator customer support will take little bit longer time to respond to you when compared to Bluehost support.

Winner: Hostgator. More relevant support



This is where most of customers get frustrated with Bluehost transfers and migrations as they charge $99.99 fee as a migration fee. Therefore if you are migrating from another host you will need to pay a fee for the web site transfer. In the other hand Hostgator doesn’t charge any fee for web site transfer if you are migrating from another host.

Winner:  Hostgator. They provide web site transfer/migration for free

Pricing and Limitations

Here we consider the most popular plans; Hostgator’s Baby plan and Blueshot’s standard plan. Both plans offers unlimited bandwidth, disk space and hosted domains.  Hostgator’s regular renewal price is $9.95/month with 1 month billing term or 1 year billing term while Bluehost’s regular renewal price is $9.99/month with 1 year billing term. Both hosts accepts payments via Paypal and major credit cards. Furthermore Hostgator typically allows up to 250000 inodes while Bluehost allows just 200000 inodes.

Winner: Hostgator. Lower renewal fee, more billing term options and higher inodes allowance.


Creditability and Reputation

Both web hosts are well established companies operating in the industry for years. Also we see negative comments for both these web hosting companies very rarely. In this point of view it is really hard to decide a winner.

Winner : Tie. Both have equally good reputation


Overall, Hostgator seems to be the winner when we are debating on the topic.


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