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HostPapa Coupon

HostPapa coupon 2017 to get a great discount and savings with web hosting. Hostpapa coupon 2017 is also applicable for shared,VPS and reseller hosting. hostpapa-logo

It is a top Canadian web hosting company that offers a good and reliable service  for thousands of customers. You may like to sign up for a new web hosting plan using a latest HostPapa promotional code with a nice discount in. Yeah.. Here you are going to sign up at a huge discount in 2017. You know their regular price is $8.99/month. But with this promo code you can get great discounts with Free New Domain Name and $500 worth Advertising credits.

hotShared Hosting Coupon – 15% Off

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15% Off Shared Hosting
Activate the offer to get 15% off on HostPapa unlimited shared hosting plan
15% Off
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Note:  In order to get the free domain name, choose the “Register a new domain” option in the step 1  of the sign up process.


VPS Hosting Deal

HostPapa offers VPS hosting for both Linux and Windows platforms.  They offer 3 plans namely; Plus plan, Pro plan and Premium plan.

Now you can get your Virtual Private Server with a great discount using HostPapa VPS coupon along with full management, free domain reseller account, $500 free marketing credits and so on.

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$40 Off First Month VPS Hosting
Get $40 off first month on any HostPapa VPS hosting plan
$40 Off
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Reseller Hosting Promotion

You can also enjoy cheap reseller hosting starting from as low as $19.95/month with the annual billing for the Bronze package. They offer five reseller packages; Bronze, Silver, Platinum and Titanium and you can choose the most suitable reseller plan which meets your requirements.


So now you can experience cheap and reliable web hosting with a reputed company. Hope you will enjoy the the coupons.



How to Redeem the HostPapa Coupon?

We made a comprehensive step by step video on how to redeem the coupon. Just watch it.


What are the reasons to choose HostPapa ?

It is a award wining company for its services. It has been chosen in many of leading web hosting review sites as a top rated company. It’s also featured in PC world and Cnet. They also offer 30 days money back guarantee for their shared hosting and reseller hosting. So if you are unsatisfied, you are free to get your money back except for domain names and setup fees within the first 30 days without any paperwork.

What are the data center locations of HostPapa ?

They have state of the art data centers in both Canada and USA. Those data centers are equipped with the best security, redundant power generation, fault protection systems etc. They use Intel server products and Cisco network for their data centers.


What about HostPapa customer service ?

This compny offers 24/7 hrs customer support for via both live chat support and ticket support. It has a good reputation for its customer service.

The HostPapa coupon I used is not working. What should I do ?

We are continuously updating the coupons, deals and offers. Therefore if  the above promotions are not working, please be patient and we will update them with the latest and valid ones as soon as possible after we got them.

Liquid Web Coupon

Liquid Web is a managed web hosting company which offers a wide range of services from shared hosting to dedicated servers at reasonable prices.  Liquid Web offers shared web hosting, managed VPS servers, email and eCommerce hosting, dedicated servers, DDoS protection services and so on. This company also using the newest technology for their services such as SSD to give the best performance for the customers. 24/7 customer support is also a big plus if you are going to use them as your hosting provider.

Liquid Web Coupons for 2017

35% Off VPS Servers

Get up to 35% off first 6 months for VPS server purchases at Liquid Web. Applicable coupon will be reflected in the website.



Dedicated Server Promotions

25% Off First 6 Months Deal

Get amazing discount of 25% for the first 6 months for your dedicated server order.



Managed WordPress Hosting Promotion

Save 50% for the first 2 months for the managed WordPress plans at Liquid Web. Applicable coupon will be reflected in Liquid Web website.



About the company

Liquidweb established in almost 20 years ago in 1997 in USA. This company owns four data centers across the country and there are more than 400 employees working in this company to give you the best experience for what you have paid for. They offer a 24/7 support via help desk, telephone, live chat support with a very quick initial response which is greater than the competitors. Their data centers are connected to tier-1 bandwidth providers to give a quality and fast uptime for the customer’s web sites and web apps. Furthermore, those data centers are equipped with UPSs and generators to make sure you get the best uptime compared to other competitors.

Liquidweb listed in INC 500 for several times as fastest growing companies and currently serve more than 30,000 satisfied customers across more than 150 countries.  Leading companies such as Home Depot, Audi, Toshiba, FedEx, Motorola, Symantec, ESPN, FILA, Porsche, Redbull are some clients that use Liquidweb as their web hosting provider and you can imagine how this company perform in this industry.

HostMonster Coupon

HostMonster is one of great web hosting company available in the industry. They offer shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers as well as Dedicated servers at cheap and reasonable prices. Their web hosting packages come with premium features, but they charge a less fee which means it is affordable for most of the people. By using a new coupon, you enjoy further discounted prices and save money for your new web hosting plan at HostMonster.


Redeem HostMonster Coupon 2017 – 50% Off All plans

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HostMonster 50% Off All Plans
Get 50% discount on all HostMonster shared hosting plans
Save Big
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Once you activate above coupon, you can enjoy shared web hosting as low as $6.95/month for the first billing term which means over 50% discount instead of the regular price of $14.99/month for the Prime plan which comes with unlimited space and bandwidth. Further if you are going to sign up for a lower plan still you will get the same 50% discount for the first billing term which means you can save a lot.

HostMonster Prime Plan Features

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Add on Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  •  Unlimited Email Accounts
  • $200 worth Marketing Offers

HostMonster Plus Plan Features

  • 150GB Disk Space
  • 10 Add on Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • $150 worth Marketing Offers

HostMonster Basic Plan Features

  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • 1 Add on Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 5 Email Accounts

All plans include 1 free domain registration.


Cheap Dedicated Servers 2017

When it comes to dedicated servers, you may feel that the prices are too much and they are  not affordable. However, there are dedicated server hosting providers that offers a low price and a reliable service. Therefore, you can now easily buy a one from such a provider and make your site more healthy because there is no sharing of resources such as RAM, CPU with other customers. This means you can enjoy very good uptime as well as site speed when compared to other types of web hosting services such as shared hosting or Virtual Private Servers.


Cheap Dedicated Server Companies List for 2017

Recommended Company

Liquid Web Find Liquid Web Deals

Liquid Web has data centers in both USA and Europe (Netherlands) which means you can choose this provider regardless of you are looking for a cheap dedicated server in USA or Europe. They offer Intel Xenon E3 and E5 processors for the servers. You can choose your desired server platform; Linux or Windows and the control panel; cPanel or Plesk.  Pricing starts from $199/month for the servers in USA central data center and $269/month for the servers in USA west and Europe data center. They provide both fully managed servers and self managed servers.

Actually, these are not the cheapest dedicated servers available in the market. However, there are few reasons why we choose Liquid Web as the recommended company. One reason is you get a large number of extra options and features to customize your desired server while other companies offer very few options and extras. Therefore, the money you spend with them worth more. Further, they have a great customer service with a very quick response time. They also listed in INC 500 fastest growing companies for several years.


Other Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Providers in 2017


GoDaddy – Find GoDaddy Deals

GoDaddy is a well known domain registrar that offers cheap dedicated servers to host your websites and web applications at affordable price ranges. GoDaddy supports both Linux dedicated server users and Windows server users. Prices are starting from $79.99/month for Linux and $109.99/month for Windows servers. Their dedicated servers are powered with Intel Xenon E3 processors. You have the option to buy a fully managed server if you are not much familiar with handling a server or you can go for the self managed option if you are a expert in handling a server which will reduce the cost than a fully managed server. The money back guarantee period for a server is 30 days.


ServerPronto – Find ServerPronto Deals

ServerPronto is a web hosting company that specially known for cheap dedicated servers. Their dedicated server prices are starting from as low as $40/month with AMD Athlon processors and they also provide Intel Xeno E3 adn E5 powered servers at a low cost. You have the ability to rent a self managed one or a fully managed one depending on your expertise of controlling a server. Both Linux and Windows servers are available which means you can use your most favorite OS at your choice. Average provisioning time is just an hour and you will get a 7 days money back guarantee for each dedicated server you rent at ServerPronto.


ServermaniaVisit Site

If you looking for a budget dedicated server hosting plan, Servermania has such plans starting from just $30/month with older versions of Intel Xenon processors which means you can save a lot. Apart from that, this company has the newer versions of Intel Xenon such as E3 and E5 for dedicated server at affordable prices. They have categorized the server as hybrid, enterprise, gaming, 100TB and cPanel servers. So you can choose your desired one easily.

Today, a company that is planning to set up a website has a number of web hosting options ranging from shared hosting to cloud hosting to dedicated server hosting to many other.wewedwsdwsdwer

With no dearth of hosting solutions for startups, the selection between them has become a challenging task.

There lie many differences between shared, dedicated server and cloud. Let’s see which one might fulfill all your website needs:


This is the cheapest, simple and most popular hosting method suitable for people looking for best web hosting for startups. It’s like living with friends in one apartment where you share the kitchen, watch one TV and use one internet connection. In shared hosting, it translates to you sharing your resources provided, with each other like CPU time, data, disk space and memory.


  • Shared hosting is very affordable and easy to begin with – decisive factors for most buyers.
  • You don’t have to take care of the technical maintenance on the server when running programs.
  • No requirement of Linux administration skills.
  • Mostly, shared web hosting providers cater their services with an easy-to-use, web-based control panel, so that you can easily upload your website, can create your email accounts and add a database.

With ZNetLive, you will get a plan for each and every hosting requirement – from a free domain name of your choice, an SSL certificate, a website builder – to powerful tools and security features like cPanel, Softaculous, Phishing alert software, and more, that too at no extra cost. You will also get enterprise DDoS protection on shared hosting server, 99.9% uptime and speed with File Transfer Protocol to transfer your files from your PC to a remote server.


The main issue with shared web hosting is that you don’t have control. You have to share your resources, that are limited too, with other users on a single physical machine. Thus, you may face performance issues with time on your services. Another disadvantage is the inability to install required scripts on the server to run your own website as you don’t own the server.


It is like having your own house where you get the full control, maximum customization, and flexibility of the server. As the resources are not shared by any other user, the price is comparatively higher. Thus, dedicated hosting is preferred by those who are ready to invest a lot in their startup and want the 100% control of the content and applications within the server.


  • Provides high performance (speed, connectivity and uptime) as you have full control and are not sharing the resources with anyone.
  • You get full root access to your server to install applications as per your startup needs and to make changes to your server’s configuration.
  • Provides more storage and data options.
  • You can easily manage the high volume of traffic without interrupting the services.
  • It is more secure and difficult to hack.
  • Ideal for enterprises handling large customer data. Examples: e-commerce or gaming sites.

With ZNetLive, you will get the cheap dedicated server plans that come with two free Office 365-business productivity suite plans, notable 2000 GB data storage, disaster recovery and much more with 24X7 ZNetLive’s NodeFirstTM support.


With dedicated server hosting, the main issue is its price, that is higher than the shared hosting. Secondly, there is an absolute requirement of a skilled workforce to handle the dedicated server or you have to pay extra to your vendor if any technical or equipment related problem arises.


Only when the rainy season arrives, you see the clouds in the sky. But with cloud hosting, your cloud will be with you always, no matter wherever you are and at whatever time you need to access it. This means that there will not be one specific machine acting as your server, you will be hosting your apps/site on multiple servers with load balancer sharing the load between them.


  • With cloud hosting, you get pay-as-you-go payment method. It means that you have to pay only for those resources that you use and occupy.
  • As load balancing is there, so when one server goes down or any disaster occurs, the load is redistributed to other servers and you get perfect continuity in your business.
  • You can choose from the available cloud deployment models – private, public and hybrid, as per your needs.
  • You can focus on growing your business efficiently as your cloud service provider (CSP) takes care from maintenance to upgradation of all the hardware and software.

With ZNetLive, you will get the reliable, flexible, scalable and secure cloud on latest technologies with dedicated support.


Security can be a concern with public cloud because data is accessible on a public network but that too is a no issue if you go with a reputed and reliable CSP. Also, sometimes you may face vendor lock-in, so it’s better to look for a CSP offering various cloud services, like ZNetLive.


If you are looking for hosting solutions for startups, first make a list of your requirements, then decide from the above three startup hosting solutions provided by a reasonable cloud hosting provider in India.

ZNetLive Coupons

ZNetLive is a Indian web hosting company as well as an ICANN accredited domain registrar. They provide shared and cloud hosting services, Virtual Private Servers, dedicated servers and domain registrations for affordable prices. This company is one of top rated hosting provider in India as per customer reviews.

If you are a person who lives in India or want to build a web site targeting Indians, ZNetLive would be an ideal choice for your expectations.

Although, they offer reasonable prices, you may interested to get even more cheaper prices by redeeming latest promotions and coupons. Then you are at the right place to get the latest discount codes to enjoy more savings with ZNetLive.


Shared Hosting Coupon

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10% Off Shared Hosting
10% off on any new shared hosting plan
10% Off
Expires on 31/08/2016


WordPress Hosting Discount

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20% Off WordPress Hosting
Get a 20% discount for new WordPress hosting sign ups
20% Off
Expires on 31/08/2016


VPS Promotion

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10% Off VPS Hosting
Use the coupon to get 10% off for your new VPS plan
10% Off
Expires on 31/08/2016


Dedicated Server Deal

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5% Off Dedicated Servers
Get 5% discount for your new dedicated server plan
5% Off
Expires on 31/08/2016


SSL Coupon

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10% Off SSL Certificates
Get 10% off on any SSL certificate purchase
10% Off
Expires on 31/08/2016

MyThemeShop Coupon Code

MyThemeShop coupon codes and promotions will allow you to get big discounts up to 50% for your premium WordPress themes purchases and premium WordPress plugins purchases. So with this coupon you can buy popular premium WordPress themes including but not limited to Howto, Cool, eCommerce, Business and Magazine theme as well as plug ins such as WP testimonials, WP subscribe Pro, My WP Backup Pro plugin etc.

Redeem the Coupon – $10 Off Any Theme or Plugin

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So redeem this MyThemeShop coupon and get a big discount for any purchases. The promo code is valid for a limited time only. Therefore use it today and enjoy cheap premium WordPress themes purchases.


About this Company

MyThemeShop LLC is a WordPress themes and plugin developer which is located in Illinois, USA. Currently they sell more than 100 themes and 20 plugins for the customers who use WordPress platform to run their web sites. This company offers 24/7 support for its customers via email and support forum. Currently there are more than 350,000 satisfied customers who purchased or used their products. Apart from premium themes and plugins, they also offer several products. So you can try them for free if you are interested.